米国でのWii Fitのクチコミを調べてみた

Amazon.comのCustomer Reviewsを見ただけだが、英語の勉強もかねて3つのレビューを訳してみた。

Own a Wii? Are an adult? Don't have time but want to stay fit? Then BUY THIS!(健康を維持したいなら買うべきだ)

I own the Wii Fit since last week. I'm 32, 1.76m, ~82-84kg (fluctuates) and with my wedding coming up in a few months I wanted to lose some weight. I work all day and have little time in the evenings so the preparation and driving to and from the gym was too much. I wanted to use that 30-40 min to exercise, not prepare for exercise. (結婚式が近いから痩せたい、けれどもジムに通う時間もない。そんな俺は、WiiFitを始めてみた)

I own a Wii since Xmas and decided to try this out after reading various reviews on the internet. Is this as good as going to the gym? No it does not replicate a gym. Will it get the job done? Will it keep you fit and help you lose weight? YES YES YES! I love it and highly recommend it. I get a great work out in 45 min. I feel great about myself, and have already lost a kilo. (note I have not changed my diet). Notice I get my work out in as much time as it takes to commute and prepare for gym.(ジムに行く準備の時間だけで、運動が済んでしまうんだ)

I also have more fun than going to the gym on my own. Perhaps going to a gym with a friend would be more fun. Depends. Anyway I love the Wii Fit! Note it takes a few times to get used to it and figure out how best to use it. Why? Well there is no prepared program for you. You have to decide on your own what you want to do and in what sequence.(ジムとは違って、今日やりたい運動を自分で決めてやることができから楽しいんだ)

I start off by doing the aerobics (jogging, holla hoop) and then vary. Basically, the Wii Fit breaks its exercises into Muscle, Balance, Aerobics, and Yoga. I mainly doing the Aerobics and mix in some muscle and yoga. The muscle and yoga can be really tough. You wouldn't believe how much. You can really feel the muscles working.(ヨガと筋トレは本当に運動になる)

I do the balance exercises when I'm tired and want to relax a bit in between exercises. They may help with balance but are more of a game than anything else. The more you exercise, new exercises open up. In other words, you start of with a limited about of stuff to do and slowly you get more and more. Don't listen to the few negative reviews you may read on the internet. They were probably biased against the product before even trying it. This product costs a little more than going to the gym for a month (at least in my country). By the time I unlock all the exercises, I will have exercised more than a 1-month gym subscription, burnt more calories, and will have a fun game left too! Compared to nothing after a month at a gym. I highly recommend this. As I explained, you are getting more than your money's worth, having fun, and getting fit.(最初はジムより高くつくだろうけど、俺はこの1ヶ月でジムの1ヶ月契約よりも多く運動したぜ。何より楽しんで痩せることに価値があるんだ)


Addictive. Hard. Rewarding. Fun. Tiring. Frustrating. Amazing.Too many adjectives, I know, but Wii Fit is all of those things.(WiiFitを語るにはいろいろな形容詞が必要だろうね)

I was impressed when we bought a Wii for our daughter last Christmas. Now I'm thrilled. Finally, a video "game" that seems tailor made for me! I've only had my copy of Wii Fit for a few days now, but already I can tell that if any piece of home equipment is ever going to help me get back in shape, this is it. Setting it up is hardly tougher than slipping in a DVD, and, unlike the Total Gym I once had, it makes you feel young just using it.(娘に買ってあげたWiiが私にピッタリのものだったと知って、驚いたよ)

The first thing you do is weigh yourself by standing on the included wireless "Balance Board." After that, everything seems more like a game than a workout, but after 30 minutes with this thing I was sweating just as much as I do at the gym. There are four types of exercises: aerobics, balance, strength training, and yoga. Lasting from a minute to 10 minutes each, specific virtual activities include boxing, hula-hooping, jogging, push-ups, some very fun snowboarding action and this funky tilting game where you push balls into virtual holes.(まずバランスボードで体重を測って、次に30分も遊べば、ジムに行ったときと同じくらいの汗をかくはずだよ)

Back to that balance board. You'll hate what it tells you about yourself, but love that it told you. Besides your weight, you learn your Wii Fit Age, a figure that combines your weight, body mass index and sense of balance. As you exercise, the program tracks your progress, or lack of it.(バランスボードがあなたの努力を記録してくれる。もちろんサボったらバレるよ)

My only two complaints: the voice that speaks to you is little-kid cute, and there are no pre-set workouts.If you're like me, you buy a lot of video games for your kids. If you can find it, buy this one for yourself. I got mine at list price, but I'd say it's worth about $150.(2つ要望があるとすれば、大人っぽい音声が欲しいことと、一連のトレーニングセット計画が作れた方がいいことかな)

Best Application of Wii Technology Yet!!(Wiiの技術を使った最高傑作だ!)

We have been waiting for the Wii Fit release for quite a long time and are certainly not disappointed!! I'm sitting here, having worked up quite a sweat {and, counterintuitively, munching on a piece of Wegman's Ultimate Chocolate cake}!(今WiiFitを終えて、かなり汗をかいたところだ(そして同時にチョコレートケーキをかじっている))

The Wii Fit is very sturdy, heavy and well-built. The exercises are well-balanced (pardon the expression) between aerobics, balance, yoga, and strength. The device is easy to set up and anyone can be successful using the device. My one complaint is with the push-up exercise included under the strength regimen. The Wii Fit is made of hard plastic and it makes it difficult to get a good purchase on the device while doing the push ups. Its great exercise, since your hands are also fairly close together, but my hands keep slipping and it feels uncomfortable. Several people have suggested buying one of the covers, such as Wii Fit Protective Silicon Cover, but I have not tried this yet.(本当に良くできているんだけど、腕立て伏せの時にボードが狭いのと、滑るのが悩みかな)

Otherwise, the games included on the Wii Fit disk are fun and the skiing is great!I believe we will continue to use the device, especially since my Mii was visually"adjusted" to reflect my Body Mass Index (BMI). Losing a little weight is now a matter of pride!! It also calculated my "age" at my actual age...absolutely unsatisfactory...must be 20 years younger!! {grin} However, it allows you to set target weight and BMI, so you will compete against yourself to lose weight and also improve your overall fitness level. It's fun! If your personal stats are upsetting to you, fear not, you can password protect them! One word of caution...don't take the BMI or "Age" calculated for you by the software too seriously. Use common sense. Although it SHOULD help you improve your fitness, this is still a game and NOT a professional exercise device. There have been several bits on the news this week claiming that the Wii is no substitute for a personal trainer (interviewing personal trainers, of course) but most of us don't have time for a personal trainer and also cannot afford one. The Wii Fit is much better than the alternative....nothing.1(目標体重や目標BMIを決めてトレーニングするんだけど、あんまり気にしないで楽しめばいいと思う)

There are plenty of exercises and activities to keep things fresh and to keep your interest. Particularly good if you live in a dorm or apartment and don't have much room for dedicated exercise equipment.Overall, This Is A Great Device!! An absolute "Must Have" for all Wii owners!!! Now, if it could only keep me away from the cake!(場所も取らないし、WiiFitは本当にいいよ!あとはこのチョコレートケーキをどこかに持って行ってくれればいいんだけど!)